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Many people experience grinding their teeth at night when they sleep. This can lead to dental problems in the long run such as shortening of your front teeth and damages to the tooth surface. Night and sports guards are the best protection for your teeth. If you are active in sports, you may want to wear sports guard to prevent injuries to your mouth during your game. You can also wear night guards if you tend to clench your teeth at night while you sleep. This can cause irreversible damages to your teeth if you do not do something about it.

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Night Gaurds

Some people are now aware that the wear and tear in their teeth is the direct result of grinding and clenching at night during sleep. If you want to avoid this problem, wear a night guard before you go to bed. Generally, people with bruxism are advised to wear night guards when they sleep. Bruxism is a condition that is characterized by excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth during sleep. If this happens regularly, the jaw is subjected to an enormous amount of pressure which can lead to other health problems. People with bruxism often complain about recurring headaches, neck pains, and ear pains which are all related to teeth grinding.

Night ad sports guards are generally moldable but hard. It looks transparent, and thin. It is worn as a soft cushion for the upper and lower teeth. This also protects your jaw from the heave and constant impact of teeth clenching and grinding. Dentists encourage the use of night guards to their patients in order to avoid damages to their enamels. It is also a very effective device to help you maintain healthy gums. People who have used night and sports guards can attest that they have slept better after they decided to use it regularly every night.

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You can visit your dentist in Redmond Washington if you need to wear a night guard or a sports guard immediately. These must be customized for every individual in order to make sure that they will fit properly on your mouth. Typically, you will have to see your dentist twice for bite records and teeth impressions. If the night guard fits perfectly during your second visit, then your teeth are already protected. If there are adjustments that should be done, you can ask your dentist so that he or she will fix it for you.

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