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Why Crowns and Fillings are Important

Implanting crowns and fillings are some of the most commonly talked about dental treatments which are applicable for all those with dental cavities of varying sizes. These treatments are necessary for providing cosmetic effect as well as strengthening teeth that have been weakened due to erosion caused by the growing cavity.

Crowns and Fillings

Crowns and Fillings

The primary requirement of both these procedures is to fill up the vacant space created by a large cavity or a major portion of any tooth having been broken or fractured away. The holes caused by the decaying cavities are filled up using fillings of various types are per the individual’s requirements. The most commonly used fillings are made of amalgam of metals such as copper, tin, mercury and silver. These metal fillings are high on durability and can withstand rough chewing for a longer period. There are some tooth colored fillings called composites and glass ionomers. These are soft and mold able materials which take the required shape during the setting period. However such fillings are prone to bacterial accumulation and infections. Additionally composites are not suitable for tough chewing action and may give way over a period of time.  As your dentist in Redmond we can help you with your crowns and fillings

Crowns are required when the cavities are large and cannot hold filling work. The crowns are shaped like natural teeth and help providing strength and better appearance to the teeth. Crowns are longer lasting and provide much better protection along with a definite control over the cosmetic aspects. These structures can either be built from metals such as gold or silver or may be made with porcelain. Metal teeth though great on the strength quotient have very little resemblance to the natural ones and can be easily identified as being false. Porcelain is fused with metals to provide tooth structure that has excellent strength along with natural appearance. Purely ceramic teeth are preferable when cosmetic aspect is the main requirement from the crown. Metals and combinations with porcelain are older technology which have been greatly improved upon with modern methods in terms of looks, life and resistance to further damage. Currently older crowns can also be easily replaced with latest models to create long lasting and natural looking sets of teeth at extremely affordable prices.

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A bit of research on the types of materials and treatments available for filling up cavities and placing suitable crowns is essential before commencing treatment. Both crowns and fillings have come a long way in terms of technology and are available in wonderfully customized variants that provide protection, beauty and affordability.