Snoring? Redmond Way Dentistry Can Help You or a Loved On

Many people suffer from the effects of snoring. While snoring can cause the person with the problem to lose sleep and awake with the feeling that he or she needs more sleep, it can also cause problems for those who live in the same home. In particular, the snoring of one person may disrupt the rest of his or her bed partner. An increase in snoring is often associated with aging. Snoring is often an indication of gaining weight, tonsils that are swollen, problems with allergies or intake of alcohol. Those snoring often have higher blood pressure, morning headaches and obstructive sleep apnea. Redmond Way Dentistry can help you or your loved one with this problem.

Solving the Snoring Problem

There are several different approaches used when attempting to solve the snoring problem.



CPAP is a machine that forces the airway open using continual air pressure. It works for some people, but others have difficulty adjusting to the mask that covers the nose and forces air into the nostrils.
Other devices may be purchased using the internet or at local stores to attempt solving the snoring problem. Some of these devices may fit into the mouth while others are attached to the nose.

When bothered by snoring, many people do not know that a dentist may help by fitting the person who snores with an oral appliance. The appliance that the dentist provides is generally comfortable. It is a two piece device that is non bulky and adjustable for comfort. It moves the jaw forward reliably and is comfortable to wear. Most of the similar devices sold over the counter cannot match the comfort or fit of the one provided by a dentist.

The dentist prepares the oral device to prevent snoring that forces the bottom jaw forward slightly when in place. This movement helps to ensure the airway opening up and prevents vibration of the soft tissue located in the back of the mouth. When the tissue does not vibrate, the snoring problem no longer occurs.

Once patients receive their anti-snoring appliance, it is important that they continue follow up with the dentist to ensure the device is adjusted correctly to prevent more snoring.

Visit Redmond Way Dentistry to Solve Your Snoring Problem

When bothered by those who snore, many people many never think that a visit to their dentist can help. However, use of an oral appliance to open the airway and prevent vibration of the soft tissue is an effective way to prevent the problems of snoring. Use of the device will allow the person who is snoring and everyone else in the house to get better sleep.