Redmond Way Dentistry offers Invisalign to provide customized teeth straightening

Redmond Way Dentistry offers Invisalign to provide customized teeth straightening

For patients that want to enjoy straighter teeth, Invisalign is a new option that your Redmond dentist is proud to offer. Invisalign is a removable orthodontic appliance that makes use of plastic, clear aligners that go right on over your teeth. Over time, they slowly move your teeth into their desired position. Because they look better than traditional braces, and most people find them more comfortable, they have become the most popular type of orthodontic appliance. We’re proud to offer our patients a comfortable, safe way to get the straighter teeth and more beautiful smile that they want.

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How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisilign uses a series of removable aligners to progressively work to move teeth into place. During the initial consultation, photographs are taken of the teeth and impressions are made of the teeth. With the impressions, 3D computer projections are made to show how teeth can be incrementally moved, and this forms the basis for the series of aligners that are custom made to move the teeth.

After aligners are manufactured, they are sent to your Redmond dentist, who gives them out one or two at a time to properly manage orthodontic treatment. The lighters are worn in a certain order for a couple weeks at a time, and each liner moves the teeth in very small increments. While it’s possible to remove the aligners for flossing, brushing, and eating, they have to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours each day.

In most cases, Invisalign treatment requires the use of 20-30 aligners for both the lower and the upper teeth. Many adults are able to complete this treatment in less than a year, although the time for treatment can vary from person to person depending on their unique alignment problems.

Who is Invisalign For?

Of course, your Redmond dentist is the only one who can decide if this treatment is right for you. However, this treatment has been approved for teens and adults who have fully erupted permanent teeth. Of course, these patients must follow the treatment directions faithfully each day. Failing to follow the directions for treatment may compromise the success of the treatment. Some of the dental problems Invisalign may be used to correct include:

  • Teeth that are widely spaced. Invisalign may be useful when there is space between teeth due to missing teeth or abnormal jaw growth.
  • Over crowding. If teeth are overcrowded and there isn’t enough room for all the teeth to normally or comfortably fit, Invisalign may help.
  • Overbite. The upper teeth bit over top of the lower teeth.
  • Simple bite irregularities.
  • Mild relapse. If tooth movement has relapsed after the removal of traditional braces, Invisalign may be used to address this problem.
  • Crossbite. When the lower and upper jaws have a misalignment.

Of course, it’s important to note that Invisalign may not be right for everyone. Only your Redmond dentist can determine if this treatment is the right option for your orthodontic needs. If you want a straighter, more beautiful smile, take the time to talk to our dentists today about Invisalign and find out if it’s the right treatment option for your unique dental needs.