No It’s Not A Typo. Redmond Dentist is now open for Saturday and emergency appointments to accommodate patients busy schedules.

Redmond, Washington, November 10th, 2011 – Dr. James P Hogg a Redmond dentist has announced it is expanding office hours to serve patients on the weekends for those who are simply too busy during the week or who require emergency dental treatment.

Establishing itself as the official Saturday Redmond Dentist, Redmond Way Dentistry is a modern, family practice that offers a wide a variety services and which is conveniently located by Trader Joe’s in downtown Redmond.

According to Dr. James P. Hogg, DDS, expanding to offer Saturday appointments was only the natural next step after so much success as the Redmond Emergency Dentist of choice. There certainly may be other great dentists in Washington but what use is it if they cannot accommodate patients when they need it the most? Whether it is the pain of a filling coming out or a broken tooth on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning not only is immediate treatment necessary to prevent further damage but it can be absolutely priceless for those with important events to attend.

Redmond Way Dentistry’s services currently include:

  • Family dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Crowns
  • Fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Night guards
  • Sports guards

In addition to already being popular as the Redmond Emergency Dentist, Redmond Way Dentistry has been a favorite amongst locals for its welcoming atmosphere where patients aren’t hounded for not having been to a dentist as often as they should and the ability to walk in and get treated right away without the traditional hoops that require a check up and then a second appointment and further charges just to get done what could have been solved in the first appointment.

This is probably best described by Carol of Everett, WA whose Yelp review stated “Best Dental experience I’ve ever had.” That’s what my 85 year old mom said after Dr. McGill treated her for a dental emergency ON A SATURDAY. She was visiting from Michigan, didn’t have a dentist, and he saw her immediately, and treated her condition with skill and caring.”

Those interested in finding out more about Redmond Way Dentistry can visit the practice online at, and can even request an appointment over the web via their home computers or mobile phones.

About Dr. James P. Hogg, DDS

After receiving his DDS degree in 1987, Dr. James P. Hogg honed and expanded his skills at the University of Texas Health Science Center and the Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry as well as in Germany and Vancouver. A member of the Washington State Dental Association and the American Dental Association, Dr. McGill continues to build a reputation for a quality practice which focuses on truly meeting the needs of patients.