redmond dental implantsDental implants are frames and metal posts that are surgically inserted into your mouth. With these in place, your dentist can insert replacement teeth into areas where they are needed. As an addition to dentures and teeth, this reduces the risk of shifting, or slipping in the mouth when speaking or eating. That will mean that you have the most natural look possible with these teeth.

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There are two main types of dental implants that are available in Redmond.

The first is an endosteal implant. This type of implant is one that is placed inside of the jawbone. The tissue that it is placed in is then provided time to heal, then a post is added to this implant on another visit. This is then followed by a replacement of teeth in the area, so a normal appearance can be restored. This may be as little as a single tooth, or a bridge of teeth may be placed in this area.

A second choice for dental implants is the subperiosteal implant. With this type of implant, you have a metal frame that is aligned to the jawbone and inserted just below the tissue of the gum. In this case, the gums are allowed to heal and as they do, they secure the frame to the jawbone. When posts are added to this type of device, they will protrude through the actual gum and replacement teeth are attached to them. Options like bridges can potentially be done with this style of implant.

In order to benefit from either type of these implants, you do need healthy gums and an adequate amount of jawbone to support the implant. Once you have these teeth in place, you do need to treat them as you would general teeth. In order for these implants to avoid infection and to last for decades to come, you need to ensure that you continue to brush and floss them on a regular basis.

Once they are in place, you’ll notice there are a few benefits to these unique dental implants.

  • They look and feel like your natural teeth and are permanently attached to the bone.
  • You won’t have to remove them or potentially lose them like you would with traditional dentures.
  • There is improved speaking and chewing, thanks to the secure nature of these teeth versus dentures.
  • You won’t have to mess with messy glues and pastes that can be complicated to use, and can have unpleasant tastes associated with them.
    Be able to eat virtually anything you want, with fewer restrictions than those who have traditional dentures in their mouth.
    Self-esteem improves with dentures as you are able to comfortably smile with natural looking teeth.
    Dental implants are often more comfortable for Redmond residents than any other type of artificial teeth available.

Once these dental implants are installed, Redmond residents are encouraged to continue with their healthy dental habits. It is important to take the time to ensure that you schedule regular cleanings with a dental hygienist and to keep up with your regular activities of daily living. By doing that, you’ll have dental implants that do last you a lifetime, so that you can always have one of the best smiles here in Redmond.