Redmond Dentist – Your Friendly Local Dentist Do you tend to put off your dentist checkups for as long as possible? Well you are not alone as most people share a common fear of dentists. This fear is so widespread that it has even been recognized as a clinical condition and is known as dental Read More »

No It’s Not A Typo. Redmond Dentist is now open for Saturday and emergency appointments to accommodate patients busy schedules. Redmond, Washington, November 10th, 2011 – Dr. James P Hogg a Redmond dentist has announced it is expanding office hours to serve patients on the weekends for those who are simply too busy during the Read More »

We have a new way to greet you at RWD! Patrick joined out counter today… he is a “fighting fish” from Asia. If another fish shows up in his puddle or pond, Patrick will get angry and fight to the finish. So we’ve given him his own “pond”, on the counter at RWD, in order Read More »

In December, 2010 Doctor Hogg completed another Marathon footrace.  Details are pending – as soon as we pry them out of him!

Doctor Hogg, how did you get inside of Cyberspace, in order to shoot your videos in front of your own website?

My staff and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new, “version 2.0” video enabled website. In the area of our new site, I’ll be taking questions from you about all things dental.  I hope you challenge me with some really tough ones! I’ll also be posting articles here on Read More »

Dr. McGill, what’s the deal with Porcelain Veneer’s?  Won’t i need braces? Janie, Kirkland WA [ws3v]RWD-sequence-1.mp4,480,360,true,true[/ws3v]